Hello, my name is Jason Roberge and I’m running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th district. I’ve always felt the calling to serve which was instilled in me from a young age.  Both my grandfathers inspired me to join the U.S. Coast Guard and ultimately attend law school; one being a Master Sergeant., and the other a Command Sergeant Major,  I saw first-hand how far pure determination could take me.  After graduating from law school and completing my military duty, my desire to serve remained strong which is why I want to represent you in Virginia’s 7th District. 

I am a constitutional originalist and therefore believe in unrestricted free speech, freedom of religion, and your absolute right to bear arms. Our conservative values are under attack- whether it be our belief in the nuclear family, the recognition that life begins at conception, or simply in defense of our Judeo-Christian values, we must stand up for what makes America truly great.

I recognize the issues that impact the lives of all Virginians and plan to do my part to fix what is broken. With the undeniable threat of “democratic socialism” creeping on the citizens of this great country, it is more important now than ever that we uphold the values put forth by our founding fathers. I look forward to representing you, the individual, in 2020.