2nd Amendment Rights:

You have the right to bear arms, period. The framers of the Constitution specifically created an amendment for this purpose to prevent tyrannical governmental control of the people. Law-abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves without restriction. Red flag laws are unconstitutional and infringe on procedural due process rights of individuals by confiscating their property without a hearing.

Term Limits:

Congressional tenure should be limited by a number of terms. Under Article V of the Constitution, 2/3 of the states may vote to call a convention to determine constitutional amendments. The convention will include all 50 states to determine what the right number of years congressmen are limited to. After the convention concludes, 3/4 of the states must ratify the constitutional amendment in order for it to be part of the constitution. Empowering the states and ultimately the people is a fight worth fighting.


Life begins at conception, this is a scientifically proven fact. States have started to take the extreme view that abortions should be allowed all the way up through the actual birth day itself in the third trimester. It is sickening to think that the legalization of the homicide of babies is trending in the states as a “woman’s right to choose”. This language is a veil for a disgusting medical practice, that of aborting children. Planned Parenthood is the commonly cited example of an abortion clinic because it receives millions of dollars from the federal government to fund abortions.


Free Speech:

Your free speech is under attack by big tech companies. There is a current trend in companies where they are censoring and banning your speech on their sites. It is unacceptable that any of these large tech companies censor your speech in the public forums that they own. They are secretly doing it through their algorithms and NO oversight internally or by the government. There is no appeals or review process for these companies and it is infringing on your rights to free speech.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance is one issue that needs to be fixed so that coverage is available to everyone without a mandatory “tax” on individuals who do not wish to be insured. Socializing the healthcare system will lead to financial ruin for families when taxes, penalties and extremely high rates are mandated. Having the ability to purchase insurance from out of state insurance companies is one way to drive prices down.

Part of the health insurance reform needs to include a cap on prices for life saving prescription drugs, such as insulin.

Social Security and Medicare:

Social Security is a program that is predicted to go broke by the year 2034, based on the amount of funding it currently has. Social Security is a very important program that needs to be analyzed and recalibrated to account for less people paying in to the system than are using the benefits. Imagine working your entire life paying in to the Social Security system and then having that benefit taken away by the politician’s failure to fund the program properly, unacceptable.


Every person who wishes to work should have job opportunities. We will work with local business leaders to seek open positions. Having the businesses directly connect to the job seekers should be a responsibility of the Congressional Office for the benefit of the people. The office is the peoples office, to serve all of the residents.

I will work with state law makers on incentives for businesses to come to the state of Virginia in order to create new jobs for the local economy. There are many states out there that are hostile toward businesses and economic growth, we will invite those businesses to Virginia.


There are only two ways to enter the United States, lawfully or illegally, period. The wall must be built to control illegal immigration, drug and child trafficking. I support the President’s call for the end to the visa lottery system and chain migration; more officers to patrol the border and more judges to handle asylum claims and a permanent solution to the DACA problem which may include a very long path to citizenship once a list of requirements is met.


Environment: We can work with manufacturers of alternative energy sources (solar) to get a better wholesale deal on purchasing solar panels to make them affordable for anyone who wishes to purchase them. The cost to convert a house from traditional electric utility hookups to solar is currently not financially feasible. The government can help broker a deal with manufacturing companies to purchase in bulk and pass on the savings to homeowners.

The aggressive green new deal is all about bankrupting the country and redistribution of wealth, not about solar and wind power. A mandatory “carbon neutral” plan is analogous to the colossal failure that was the [non] Affordable Care Act. I predicted that when the bill was on the floor for a vote it would inevitably fail based on the faulty mathematical logic in the way it would be funded. Hindsight is 20/20 and years later it began to spiral costs out of control (and now has failed the people).

The environmental program I propose, would be OPTIONAL.


States should decide on medical and recreational use legalization. Cannabis should be decriminalized on the federal level, which will give Virginia the autonomy it needs to make its own laws.


Millions of people in the United States have served in the military, or are currently serving. The Veterans Administration needs to be scrutinized, analyzed, reviewed to ensure that the quality of care given is sufficient. We will not let our courageous veterans get left behind.