Culpeper, VA (February 5th, 2020) – Roberge demonstrated his strong platform on protecting the civil liberties and god given rights for citizens of the Commonwealth during a primary Q&A. He noted that “The new push for socialism, gun confiscation and limits of free speech really have people upset and rightfully so.” Roberge is running on a platform to unite all people on many bipartisan issues.

The Culpeper Star Exponent reported on the event.

“A lawyer and Coast Guard veteran who lives in Spotsylvania, Jason Alexander Roberge calls himself a constitutional originalist, a Trump supporter who is pro-life and pro-America.

Roberge noted that he is not a D.C. insider, and said he isn’t focused on fundraising yet.

He said he cares more about who has the best ideas to fight Gov. Ralph Northam’s “gun grab,” protect free speech, and bring people together, including independents and single-issue Democrats.

“I believe in unrestricted free speech, freedom of religion, and your absolute right to bear arms,” Roberge told Fox News show host Laura Ingraham this month. “Our conservative values are under attack—whether it be our belief in the nuclear family, the recognition that life begins at conception, or simply in defense of our Judeo-Christian values, we must stand up for what makes America truly great.”

Afterward, GOP committee chair Keene said he was impressed with the Republican field.

“We know that we have several candidates who absolutely can do the job,” he said. “The question is, who is our best candidate to defeat Abigail Spanberger.”

With a country strongly divided on many issues, much can be attributed to the fake news marketing branch of the Democrat Party. Most Americans want to see Congress tackle some of the key issues such as the national debt, the immigration crisis, and protecting our civil liberties that the federal government is trampling on. “The media gives the perception that socialism is good, but when you look at countries like Cuba and Venezuela, they aren’t exactly thriving.”

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