Spotsylvania, VA (February 9th, 2020) – State legislators may pass an Article V “convention of states” resolution in order to Amend the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution took in to account the federal government overreach that could occur if they amassed too much power.

Term limits are universally accepted by all political parties in the United States. Recently, Roberge ran an online poll with a sample size of nearly 10,000 people of which 98% voted in favor of term limits. With this overwhelming support for term limits on members of Congress, why haven’t the state legislatures all voted to support the model legislation to approve a Convention of States? It is simple, those in power want to stay in power indefinitely, does Nancy Pelosi ring a bell?

It is critical to our Constitutional Republic that we pull together in a bipartisan manner in order to hold a Convention of States to rein in the tyranny of the career politicians. Roberge has stated “the representatives represent themselves the day they get in to office, disregarding the will of the people.”

The Convention of States Organization has been able to make tremendous progress in their push for a term limits overhaul.  Roberge is a firm believer in term limits, self-limiting his term in office to 10 years. “Politicians say they are for term limits but never put their money where their mouth is and limit their own terms, a clear hypocritical move to sustain their power indefinitely.” Roberge is the only candidate in the VA-07 primary who has committed to a term of years.

“The people simply do not trust their politicians, rightly so.”

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Jason Roberge is Coast Guard veteran and lawyer based in Virginia’s 7th congressional district. To learn more about his campaign, visit

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