Culpeper, VA (February 22nd, 2020) – Jason Roberge, a veteran and candidate for Virginia’s 7th congressional district, has announced he will be donating his entire congressional paycheck to district charities upon election. The announcement was made at the first of a series of annual Reagan fundraiser dinners in the district.

Jason strongly supports preserving our individual rights and removing the power from Washington where political elites are busy with fancy steak dinners and ignoring the will of the people. “Too often we have politicians in office who are there for the wrong reasons, this small gesture of good faith is to show the folks in the district that I am very serious about representing their interests first.”

Being the strongest political outsider candidate running in the 7th District, many are relieved to finally see someone who will listen and stand up for their rights. One of the attendees at the Raegan dinner exclaimed, “You have what it takes, we believe in you because you listen to us and are willing to support the district.” Many in the district are frustrated with the Washington special interest groups donating large sums of money to Virginia candidates of both political parties, in order to control them.

Speakers at the annual Ronald Reagan fundraiser included the Culpeper County Sheriff Jenkins and Thomas Homan, former Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.