Richmond, VA (April 22nd, 2020) – Congressional candidate Jason Roberge (VA-7) brought the national spotlight to the “reopen Virginia” rally of 1000 protesters in vehicles and on foot to protest the tyrannical Governors’ lockdown order. The Governor has made it perfectly clear that he is willing to disregard the families in Virginia in the name of assaulting civil liberties of all Virginians. “500,000 people have lost their jobs at the stroke of a pen by the tyrannical Governor.”

The Governor has weaponized the CDC guidelines and the process to reopen the states, by President Trump. He regularly states in his press conference that we have not seen a slow down in cases of Covid-19, which is a mathematical shell game in order to push his agenda. Similar to the flu, people will continue to get sick until the virus has run its course.

“Governor Northface just simply does not care about families in VA, they need money to pay their mortgages, buy food and pay for their basic needs.” Incredibly, the Governor has begun to extend the stay at home orders in Virginia, while adjacent states are reopening (contrary to the data showing reopening Virginia is supported).

Abortions are considered essential, elective surgeries are not. The Governor signed additional unconstitutional bills in to law over Easter weekend while everyone was at home. This dystopian reality is not the “new normal” but a wakeup call to replace failed state leadership.

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Jason Roberge is Coast Guard veteran and lawyer based in Virginia’s 7th congressional district. To support his campaign, visit