The COVID-19 Virus is affecting everyone; it is causing problems with Candidates getting to the people. It is affecting them in getting their message to the voters directly. With the Republican Primary approaching within the near future, New Right Network Plus (NRN+) has teamed forces with Vets for Trump to bring the debate experience directly into your living room. On June 9th NRNPlus.com/Live will introduce the voters, to the Republican Candidates for the United States Senate for the State of Virginia.

Virginia needs new leadership, a change in direction. Liberal policies that have been holding people captive are expanding to create a new normal. Governor Northam is like many Democrat Governors who believe in running the state with an Iron fist, declaring war against conservatives as well as the First and Second Amendments. Democrat Senator Mark Warner is not far behind him. The people of Virginia need
to clean house Starting with the United States Senate. Mark Warner is a politician, who knew all along as the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee that the accusations against President Trump were false. He witnessed the destruction of General Flynn and sat through and voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

COVID-19 affected everyone in not only the State of Virginia but throughout the country. One thing is certain; it will be up to the people of Virginia to decide the fate of their Government. NRNPlus.com/Live will present all three challengers for the Republican Nomination. It is part of our virtual debate series designed to get directly to you. You can come to the town hall debate, and listen from the comfort of your own home, from your phone, or from your computer. If you have a question to ask, record a video of your question using your phone and email it to us. We will present your video during the debate, and the Candidates will answer your questions directly.

Candidates Alyssa Baldwin, Daniel Gade, and Thomas Speciale agreed to be part of this groundbreaking vent. They will be greeted by Lead Moderator and Town Hall editor Frank D’Onofrio. Frank will be joined by Jason Alexander Roberge, a Lawyer running for US Congress for Virginia District 07.

All press are asked to tune into New Right Network Plus to witness the debate meeting LIVE! Please contact Frank@NewRightNetwork.com for rights to distribute or rebroadcast the entire Townhall or portions of it.

The people of Virginia need to be represented by a Senator who shares their values. Virginia is looking for a candidate of integrity. A true conservative candidate that will work to solve their problems. In Virginia, the conservative voice has been left behind, and we have paid the price. Governors who look to murder the innocent lives of Newborns. a Government that is attempting to disarm citizens who want to protect themselves. Enacting laws in this state that not only take away a citizen’s right to free speech but their freedom of assembly and Religion as well. Why is this tolerated? Virginia is the birthplace of Democracy, for the Republic called the United States of America.

Virginia Governor feels laws are only for the protection of elites, as he shamelessly ignores the United States Constitution, (as if the Bill of Rights were not inalienable RIGHTS, but rather only suggestions). Senators like Mark Warner, who sat by idly while good men were destroyed for the sake of politics. Our Government has pushed aside the rule of law as protesters destroy their cities and neighborhoods with violence and looting. The people of Virginia deserve better! Our citizens and children are told that they should accept these conditions as normal. We believe that is wrong, and why we have set up these conservative Town Halls. Our streets and our Government should not be left to decay along with the people. The will of the people has been ignored for far too long.

Join us on Tuesday Evening on NRNPLUS.COM/LIVE from 7 pm – 9 pm, and find out for yourself who will be the Candidate you wish to vote for as US Senator. Be prepared to send us your video questions by Tuesday, Noon. Questions between 1-2 minutes in length are encouraged to submit their MP4 Videos to Frank@Newrightnetwork.com